About Us

After years of researching the dangers of lead wicks, pthalate filled fragrance oils, dyes, and paraffin wax, we became concerned about the multitude of big name candles burning in our house.  The problem was-they smell so good!  Was there a solution available that could eliminate the health dangers while still delivering strong, delicious scent?  This is how Simply Scented Candle was born.


Starting as a passion project to de-toxify our own home and decrease our intake of harmful toxins-we have now decided to share what we have learned in the form of our products, with you!  A truly small scale operation, we hand pour each candle and melt pack to order, in our home kitchen.  Our products are made with love and the highest attention to detail with a strong wax to scent ratio.  We use organic soy wax, non-lead wicks, absolutely no fillers or dyes, and pure essential oils and custom non-pthalate fragrance oil blends for the absolute most powerful smell.


We are proof that you do not have to sacrifice your health for your home to smell delicious!  We are located in Jacksonville, Fl.  We ship within the continental United States.  We are capable of handling large wholesale orders and welcome any and all custom orders.  We do offer wholesale pricing, please inquire.  Thanks so much for stopping by and happy shopping!