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Ocean Air

Ocean Air


The smooth and elegant, sweet yet salty oceanic scents combine with notes of Vanilla and Amber.An intriguing blend of Sea Salt, Lily of The Valley, and Dark Musk along with an almost mysterious combination of essential oils, including orange, cardamom seed, and clove leaf culminate in this scent’s seducing aroma.



  • Burn Times

    • 4oz candles have a 25 hour burn time.
    • 8oz candles have a 50 hour burn time.
    • 10oz candles have a 75 hour burn time.
    • 16oz candles have a 110-120 hour burn time.
    • Our melts give off 4-8 hours of scent per square.
  • Candle Care

    • Candles are designed to burn 3-5 hours at a time.
    • Be sure the wicks are clipped to at least 1/4 inch for best performance. 
    • The well from all of our candles can be used as a moisturiser. Just be sure to put out the flame before trying to access the well.